4 steps to make your selfie look incredible even if you’re not photogenic

If we look at the past scenario now, when everyone was home all day long due to covid-19. Many people tried so many things which they didn’t even think of doing ever. Consequently, some people tried taking selfies when they had nothing to do at home and some of them got disheartened because they couldn’t be able to take good pictures of them. And already assumed that they are not photogenic or in other words not really beautiful. It is a fact that many people believe that if someone is photogenic, it means that they are beautiful. But it’s not really true.

But the truth is that you can make your quarantine selfies as beautiful as you want. In this era of social media, where everybody spends most of their free time on social apps. Where we can see so many influencers and their beautiful pictures. When people see those pictures they also got motivated to upload their nice-looking pictures and want to be appreciated. But when it doesn’t go according to what they think it will be, they feel bad about themselves.

Actually in reality there is no need to be disappointed, you can still take good selfies if you follow some of the simple steps.

Pay attention to what side or angle makes you look good

First, you need to realize that what is your good angle to take pictures. It can actually make your pictures as you want them to be, obviously beautiful! If you haven’t found your good angle, take out your phone and move along your face and take pictures from every angle. And then decide from which angle you look great. Also, it’s important to remember the side and angle when taking pictures again.

Set your camera a little high

This position of your camera can make you look slim and your eyes slightly bigger than in reality. And when the angle is right, it is a plus point it can make your jawline prominent and your selfie amazing.

Move your face a little ahead from where you stand

To capture a good selfie you have to push your face a little forward to make your neck look good in pictures. Otherwise, you will see the pictures with double chin whether you have it or not. I know the pose will seem hilarious but in pictures, you will look good.

A genuine smile will always work

While taking a selfie try to smile genuinely, the way you smile in reality or naturally when you think of something nice or lovely. Do not try to fake a smile! Well, you can try this trick as well, you can think of the thing that can actually make you smile.

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