Warehouse Managers Know About Goods to Person Fulfillment

Automation of processes is becoming the new normal in this tech-oriented world. As a result, there is high pressure on the order fulfillment centers to deliver goods accurately and efficiently. This is majorly in response to the evolution of eCommerce merchants and increased customer demands for just-in-time ordering. 

Thanks to the innovative artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms due to which GTP fulfillment came into existence. GTP fulfillment eliminates much of the human intervention from the warehouse processes, resulting in efficiency gains and error reduction. Therefore, warehouse management needs to understand better the advantages and disadvantages of a goods-to-person fulfillment system for successful WMS automation.  

Let’s have a glance at some essential things warehouse managers need to know about goods-to-person (GTP) fulfillment. 

Process Matters 

Warehouse managers should conduct a complete inspection of all the warehouse operations. The GTP system that you end up buying should suit all of your warehouse operations. 

Following are some more factors that warehouse managers should keep in mind:

  • Energy demands of the system 
  • Space requirements 
  • Security requirements 
  • Average unit per order 
  • Current SKU velocity 
  • Expected percentage of accuracy improvement

Having Backup Plan 

Well implemented GTP results in successful automation in the material handling systems. As a result, all of the warehouse operations run seamlessly. However, keep in mind that no system is infallible. Therefore, don’t forget to consider the following factors during the evaluation of GTP systems: 

  • Is there any way to keep the things running manually in case of mechanical or software failure? 
  • What is the failure rate of the product?
  • How quickly can the automated warehouse processes be up and running again? 

Consider Scalability 

The best thing about GTP is that it can meet warehouse peak demands. GTP makes it effortless for your automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) to manage related workstations and new aisles. Warehouse managers should ensure that they are prepared for any additional capital that they might require to invest to support exponential business growth and requirements.

Think About Space Capacity 

GTP systems provide the unmatched ability to expand vertically. Some GTP systems can raise higher than 100 feet. Do you want to optimize your limited warehouse floor space? GTP systems got your back. These systems benefit companies looking to shrink their real estate costs by moving into smaller buildings, putting them closer to potential customers. Hence GTP system is the best automated material handling system.  


It is crucial to ensure that you, as a warehouse manager, have sufficient knowledge and understanding of how the goods-to-person system affects different aspects of your business. Keep in mind the initial implementations and the goals you are trying to achieve over the long term. Never let the lack of foresight end up costing your business money, time, and the chances to stay leading the competition.   

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