One of the pests that causes the most problems in most homes are rodents. Rats and mice often enter our homes through small holes or pipes in search of shelter and food, and can cause various damage to the electrical system -by gnawing cables- or even in our kitchen, while looking for food with which to satisfy their appetite. That is why it is necessary to know what are the most effective methods to eliminate them effectively, using specific products designed to solve this problem.


There are many types of products that we can acquire to end a plague of rats or mice in our home or in our livestock, industrial and food facilities, that is why it is necessary to know the wide range that exists in the market, in order to choose the one that best suits our needs. We show you some examples:

  • Tail : the image of a rodent attached to a piece of cardboard or paper may haunt our memory, since the use of the tail to kill this type of plague is one of the most used methods to catch these elusive animals. Although the usual thing was to apply a little glue on a surface and deposit it in the areas of passage of rats and mice, so that they fell into our trap as is the case with the product , it is true that they already exist in the market glued traps that facilitate the task of eliminating this pest. Without a doubt, it is an ideal option for the control of small rodents in homes, restaurants or commercial premises.
  • Fresh pasta: rodenticide pastes are a very effective method to eliminate rats and mice, since with a single dose they are able to kill these animals in a matter of a few days, without raising suspicions in the rest of the members of the colony. In addition, specific products such as are made with special flours and oils that make them very attractive and appetizing for rodents.
  • Paraffin and cereal block : this type of rodenticide has in its favor that it can be used in those environments where other types of baits find it impossible. It is composed of bromadiolone or difenacoum as an active ingredient and acts by ingestion, causing the death of rodents in a short period of time. A great advantage is that water and humidity do not affect its proper functioning at all.
  • Liquid rodenticide : in order to attract rodents to drink as much rodenticide as possible, the liquid usually contains flavorings that arouse the interest of rats and mice to increase their intake more and more. To apply it, it is enough to locate several containers in various strategic places in the place where the pest is found and let it act within a few days. If you are concerned that humans or other pets may ingest this product, we recommend that you purchase one that contains some type of special substance intended to prevent it.
  • Bait holder : it is undoubtedly one of the most useful systems when it comes to ending the presence of rats and mice, not only for its effectiveness, but also for other aspects such as security (preventing children and pets from accessing it) or the protection of the bait from light and various inclement weather that may affect it.

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