Rat poison: how to end them permanently

Mice, cockroaches and flies are animals that have the terrible habit of living with us, which is not pleasant at all, but in the case of rats it is even more alarming, since, in addition to causing us disgust and fear, they pass through diseases very contagious that can be fatal, such as rabies, Ebola, haverhill fever, typhoid fever, tuberculosis, leptospirosis, cholera, or salmonellosis. Once the bacteria are excreted, they can survive for weeks in soil or water, making it possible to catch it for a long time afterward.

The point is that these animals are great survivors because they feed on anything they can find, they know how to swim, they can live in really unhealthy water environments, they can get into very small holes, they are capable of making holes in a multitude of materials, they orient themselves well in the dark and withstand temperatures down to minus thirty degrees Celsius. So much so that city rats or gray rats are even beginning to colonize areas that have traditionally been occupied by voles.

How to avoid a plague of rats?

For all that we have just explained, getting rid of their presence is not easy at all. Typically, they come through subways, sewers, storage rooms, garages, and parks, from where they enter houses in search of food. Reproducing with great ease when they find dirt or trash. When the situation becomes unsustainable, many times it is necessary to go to a company that carries out a treatment to exterminate rats to eliminate and prevent them.

If we want to avoid rat problems in our house, the first thing is to maintain a hygienic environment so as not to make it easy for them. Being the places where the bathrooms, the kitchen and the pantry should be affected the most, since they are their favorite places. Of course, a superficial cleaning is not enough, especially if we find rat droppings, which can be very dangerous to human health. In addition, it is very important to have all the gaps in windows, doors and walls that they can access well sealed.

Poisons to kill rats more effective

There are several rat poisons for sale that offer quick solutions to this problem. However, they must be used with care, as they are also harmful to humans. For this reason, many people, before resorting to poison, prefer to use rat baits and place them in specific areas of the house, such as peanut butter, since its smell attracts them and they love it. In 90% of cases, rats die from eating it.

The point is that large rats, between 25 and 30 cm, are more difficult to eliminate, so we can only kill them with rodenticides. It must be done progressively , since they only consume 10% of their total weight per day. Also, if they died right away, they would be alerting the rest of the plague. This is a very effective way to permanently kill rats, but it takes a week.

To spray rat poison, protect your hands with gloves and place the traps out of the access of small children and pets, as it is very toxic. And it is that an animal that eats a rodent poisoned with a rat killer can become ill and die.

When they have died it will also be necessary to put on gloves, also doing it with a shovel or a dustpan, since, generally, they have infections from mites, fleas or ticks. Then we will deposit it in a closed bag away from home.

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