Tips For First-Time Solo Trip In Europe

Europe is a delightful solo travel location and thus, many travelers choose Europe for their first solo travel. However, there are some things that every solo traveler should know to help them in solo traveling Europe. Also, if you are looking for such travel tips, take help from our guidebook on the top tips for a first-time solo trip in Europe.

Let’s know the top tips for a first-time solo trip to Europe

Take a slow pace to travel a territory

Rather than trying to cover a big part of Europe in a small-time take direct flights to Germany from USA. And then choose one or two of the German cities that you want to travel to the most. You can do the same with any other European country for a 7 or 10-day trip.

Choosing one country and several cities to travel to (maximum 3) is the best way to solo travel. This helps travelers get enough time to establish a bond with the traveling location. Other than this, you will also get enough time to explore a travel destination.

Include a small city in your travel itinerary

It is always beneficial to include a small city or countryside in your travel itinerary to Europe. Further, this helps the travelers to understand the culture and locals in a better way than the busier ones. As small city people are more friendly and open to travelers it is a big help to solo travelers.

Cross travel between small cities

Do not invest your money in a Eurail Pass to cover long distances at a short cost. Instead, try investing your money in less expensive regional trains cheap travel Europe. Taking a flight from USA to London or any other destination is also a major traveling expense. And thus you should consider connecting flights or flying to a cheaper destination for your first solo travel.

Choose trains to travel

However, if you have already planned to travel long distances then you should buy a Eurail Pass. So, you can travel long long distances in Europe without breaking your bank on your first travel. Also, there is a great way to save money on train ticket bookings in Europe. Thus, book train tickets in advance as the continent has a mechanism for both flight and train tickets.

Try to save on flight bookings

If it’s your first solo travel then there are high chances that you might be tight on your budget. And thus, it is important to try to save as much as you can on air ticket bookings. So, instead of doing nothing, you should make efforts to do so.

However, there are various ways to do this but the best way still is to book air tickets as early as you can. Also, the other tricks include using incognito or private mode while booking air tickets.

Choose an easily accessible stay

Most of the time the hostels or hotels located in remote destinations offer great deals on accommodation bookings. However, you have to save money but accommodation is one thing where you should invest it. Thus, it is always advised to book accommodation that is easily accessible through public transportation.

Also, there are two reasons behind investing more in accommodation. Firstly, if you book a place distant you have to take a taxi and cab to it, increasing your travel expenses. Second, remote locations are less safer than prime ones and your safety must be your priority.

Book yourself a travel insurance

As stated earlier, your safety must be your priority on foreign land and thus buy travel insurance. Yes, you may think of it as an extra expense as you are a first-time traveler but it is beneficial. And because you are a first-time solo traveler you must have travel insurance by your side.

As the future always comes with a risk of uncertainty travel insurance helps you fight them. Also, there is a lot that can happen to anyone on a foreign land including theft. Further, luggage loss, and bad health, or in-digestion are some common conditions that traveler faces while traveling. And travel insurance will help you cover the losses incurred and will help you minimize the loss for everything. Plus, healthcare cost in some European countries is overwhelming and thus you must have travel insurance by your side.

Dress like a local European

Always dress like a local European instead of looking like an American on the European lands. Con artists and thieves are always in search of travelers as they are easy targets for them. And thus, it is necessary to not look like one while traveling to Europe.

Thus, you must avoid wearing common things like a money belt around your waist or neck. Also, don’t wear clothes that scream about your nationality like an “I love USA” t-shirt. For this, you can take the help of google on Pinterest to understand the dressing style of your travel location. And then choose the clothes and the way to style them after you know, how you need to dress up.

Avoid the empty streets at nights

Locals always know that which streets are safe and unsafe during the night and thus, the unsafe ones are left empty. Thus, you must avoid the streets that aren’t occupied by the locals at night. Like if you are going on a night stroll choose a park with various locals in it. Also, this will help you avoid unnecessary trouble while exploring Europe.

Take advice from your hotel/ accommodation manager

There are always few locations that are safer to visit in the mornings or noon. And thus, it is always beneficial to ask your accommodation manager about when should you go there. And then strictly follow his words as managers know the local destination better you.

Look out for a friendly local

You can always find a friendly local in Europe if you look out for them. And these people are the best to get first-hand information about the places to avoid. Also, they will inform you about local festivals and events that you can be a part of.


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