5 things that insurance covers you and you did not know

1. Harassment of minors

With the generalization of the use of social networks, it is more and more frequent that there are children who suffer harassment through mobile phones or computers. Mapfre’s protection service against digital violence for insured minors allows that, upon the alert of the insured, a report is issued with a certification of veracity that may serve as a proof document when filing a complaint. 

2. Travel abroad

A little-known coverage of home insurance is that, in many cases, it includes travel assistance insurance. Thus, if the son has suffered a mishap on a trip with friends when he was in London, his father will be able to claim from the insurer the travel costs and the expenses derived from the accompaniment in the hospital. This type of coverage also works when, while on a trip, a close relative dies: the insurer will take care of the travel costs.

3. Golf ball

Suffering an accident or causing injury while playing an occasional sport may be covered by home insurance. When it comes to an amateur practice and the athlete is federated, most sports associations have some type of specific coverage for their members. Thus, if damage is caused to a third party by the impact of a golf ball, it is very likely that an insurer will take care of the compensation.

4. Tire

puncture Auto insurance usually includes roadside assistance coverage that, among other things, allows the insured to call a technician to change a tire when it has been punctured. It also usually includes on-site repairs , when they can be done in less than an hour. These policies are very common to incorporate legal assistance, which allow the insured to appeal a traffic fine. ITV coverage has also started to be incorporated : a technician picks up the car to pass the Technical Vehicle Inspection.

5. Suffering a robbery

Being the victim of a robbery on the street is a traumatic experience. At least, the person who suffers it will be able to receive compensation for the objects and money stolen. Some companies have begun to include in their home insurance compensation for thefts suffered on public roads, including thefts. In the case of suffering theft at an ATM, the credit card insurance will take care of the compensation.

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