Essential Things To Carry While Traveling To Europe

So finally you have booked direct flights to Italy from US to travel to Europe. And now you are confused about what to pack and what not for your European endeavor? Well, worry not, take help from our guidebook on the essential things to carry while traveling to Europe. 

Let’s know the essential things to carry while traveling to Europe

Flexible clothing items

The one thing that travelers must learn while packing for their European trip is to save space. And thus, they need to follow a minimalistic approach and choose flexible clothing items. Also, Europe is a giant continent with many parts experiencing different climatic conditions during all time. Thus, it is also important to consider your traveling destination while choosing the clothing items.

 Like if you take  Direct flights to Barcelona from US during September and October you have to face sudden rain showers in the city. And thus, you will need to pack an umbrella, waterproof shoes, and extra socks in your travel baggage. Also, you can’t wear sloppy wear dressed or gym looks in the country as that isn’t European style. 

Thus, to blend with the locals and to not look the odd one out, choose more refined pieces from the genre of comfortable clothes. Further, don’t try to put a single clothing item instead work with layered clothing. Layered clothing is the best way to cope up with the European weather condition without heavy packing. 

Comfortable footwear

The best thing about Europe is that most of the cities in Europe are best discovered through walking. And travelers can always ditch walking by hiring a bike to get a tour around the city. Thus, if you are planning to spack some bold high heels your plan may go wrong in such cities. 

However, if you are on a business trip and won’t be leaving the hotel much, you can go with them. Thus, your footwear choices are based upon your travel itinerary solely. And you have to decide what footwear items make you comfortable enough to walk long distances. Thus, based on that, you have to make a footwear choice for yourself.


Europe is a continent that believes in the minimalistic approach when it comes to accessorizing. And thus, if you are into accessories make sure not to pack blingy and flashy stuff. Also, minimalistic jewelry is enough to add up jazz to your outfits. And thus, there is no need to carry heavy jewelry in your backpack.

Also, too much jewelry will only end up attracting pick-pockets and con artists toward you. At the first glance, they will know that you aren’t a local and thus an easy target. So to prevent getting in the eyes and avoid problems on foreign land, stay minimalistic. 

SPF Sunscreen

Europe is incomplete without its magnificent beaches and thus, a beach trip is common in Europe. Also, most of the European islands receive more heat during summers than in the US. Thus, it is fairly important to pack sunscreen with a good SPF. This will help you avoid the unwanted suntan along with taking care of your skin from pollution. 

Also, make sure to pack things that make you perfect beach bugs. Further, the list includes a good coverage hat, sunglasses, along with an SPF cream.

Go waterproof

Yes, you need to pack waterproof clothing items while taking a trip to Europe. As Europe is a giant continent the weather condition can’t always be right. And thus, sudden rain showers are one of the most common issues in many parts. 

If you love rain then this won’t be a problem for you and an umbrella will be enough. However, if you dislike it then you must pack your waterproof armor in your backpack. Further, the waterproof armor has waterproof shoes and a long water-resistant jacket. And all this is along with an umbrella or easy-to-fit pockets raincoat. Thus, you can travel freely inside the continent whether it is pouring or not.

Sample toiletries

We are used to packing the original size toiletries while traveling but what we forget is they are not made for it. And thus, spilling shampoo, or getting the cream squeezed out on your clothes is often. So, t prevent this, it is important to carry toiletries that are travel friendly and are in small size.

Also, the size matters in the case of toiletries because the bigger they are, the more space they will take in the backpack. Thus, instead of packing the regular bottles, buy some spill-proof bottles from a store. Now, store all your essentials in these bottles by filling these up with them. 

Like, if you want to pack shampoo then just squeeze your bottle and pour the amount in the anti-spill bottle. Further, this will not only help you save space but also your packing items. Also, you can switch the whole process by buying yourself some sample toiletries as they serve both purposes. Further, you can keep all these toiletries in one plastic bag separately before putting them in a backpack. This will save your clothes from getting ruined in the cases of spilling or leakage of any of the bottles. 

Regular medicine

One of the most important things to pack in your backpack is a medical kit with regular medicines. Also, regular medicines include medicines for cold, cough, flu, diarrhea, and other small infections. Further, if you have any allergies then don’t forget to pack ample medicines for that as well. 

For travelers who are on a regular medicine schedule by doctors should carry enough medicines to last their trip. However, you can always find every medicine in Europe but running to a store for everything will make your trip hectic. Thus, try to avoid multiple visits to drug stores and pharmacies by packing everything in advance. 

A water bottle/ flask

Europe is one f the few places where tap water is extremely safe for drinking. And thus, there is no benefit of buying bottled water while traveling here. So, to save the cost of bottled water pack up a multi0use bottle or flask with you. And carry this bottle with you while exploring the beautiful continent, Europe. 

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