Top 10 Chinese Love Story Drama of all time

The top ten of the most iconic college dramas from China. It is determined by the classical level of TV show (IMDB score Douban score time score) and also those TV drama awards received (Flying Award Magnolia Award, Golden Eagle Award, Five One Project) Awards, Huading Awards, etc. ) and production stage (director weight acting status, actor weight, shooting techniques) and broadcast times ratings, public consciousness networks attention index, and all of these are consistent with the overall theme that is the focus of this list. Comprehensive reference ranking/lists on the internet are suggested. The list is meant for entertainment and reference only. We invite you to discuss and exchange ideas at the close.

Ten most classic dramas on campus in China

1. The very best of us

“The Best of Us” is a youth drama on the campus made by Beijing Aiqiyi Technology Co., Ltd. and produced by Xiaotangren Culture Media Co., Ltd. The script is written by Liu Chang and written by Li Jia, starring Liu Haoran, Tan Songyun, Wang Lixin, Dong Qing, Chen Mengxi, etc. . The play is based on August Chang’an’s novel of the same title. The play tells stories of ordinary students Geng Geng who stumble upon Zhenhua High School and “Xueba” Yu Huai. They were raised together and had to go through separation and reunion. The show premiered at iQiyi on April 8, 2016, on April 10, 2018 Zhejiang Satellite TV’s weekly broadcast theater debuted on July 5, and on the 5th of July, Shenzhen Satellite TV premiered.

2. Don’t cry

at the age of 17 “Don’t Cry at Seventeen” is a youth drama on campus made through the China TV Drama Production Center in 1997. The director is Wang Jing and starred by Hao Lei, Li Chen, Zhang Chao, Chen Yanyan, Wang Zhuo, Li Xuan, Li Mu, Niu Mengmeng, and many other actors. The script is adapted from a book of essays with the same title written by seventeen-year-old girl in middle school Li Fangfang. They’re walking in the season of rain, experiencing weird feelings, and touching green dreams. When they reached 17 they were taught how to be tough despite being injured.

3. Hello, goodbye, old times

“Hello, Old Times” is a network for youth drama adapted from August Changan novel with the same title. The script is written by Desert Li, Li Randi Zhang Xincheng, Li Qian, Zhou Chengao, Xu Mengyuan, Cao Enqi, Tang Mengjia, Chen Peng Wanli and more. Co-starring. The play tells the narrative about Geng Geng Yuhuai’s upcoming class, Yu Zhouzhou, Lin Yang and their classmates who shared a variety of happiness, sorrows, and joys and grew closer at Zhenhua middle school. The premiere of the show was in iQiyi in November 8 of 2017 and was telecast on the top channel on Shenzhen Satellite TV on July 14 on July 14, 2018.

4. Addictive

“Addiction” is a youthful inspiring, seasonal network gay drama with Beijing Fengmang Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhenhua Film Production Co., Ltd., Beijing Xiaoyeye Film Investment Co., Ltd. and Beijing Huace Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd., by Ding Wei, directed by Chai Dandan as screenwriter. The cast includes Huang Jingyu, Xu Weizhou Lin Fengsong, Chen Wen, and Wang Yu. The script is inspired by The novel “You Are Addicted” by Comrade Chai Dantang. It is a relationship between two identical boys who are Bai Luoyin and Gu Hai. The show was aired across the entire network on January 29, 2016. In February, 2016 the show was taken off the shelves of the mainland of China from authorities from the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television without completing the broadcast.

5. The brother who sleeps on my bunk

“Brother Sleeping on My Upper Bunk” is a web-based drama that was produced by LeTV Pictures in 2015. A network drama for youth campuses produced by Zhang Qi, starring Chen Xiao, Du Tianhao, Liu Ruilin, and Li Xian. The show tells the story of four boys from the college dormitories who have been through a variety of young people, dreams, careers and affection from their sophomore year through graduation. The show debuted at LeTV on January 15th 16th, 2016.

6. Our simple beauty

“To Our Simple Little Beauty” is a web-based drama that was jointly developed through Huace Film and Television’s “Cute Drama Studio” and Tencent Video. Dai Lu is the chief producer. Yang Long is directed, Hu Yitian, Shen Yue, Wang Ziwei, Gao Zhi Ting, Sun Ning, Lu Yan, Zhang He Haozhen as well as other co-stars. The play is based on the book by the same title by Zhao Qianqian. The show is a love story of the arrogant black-bellied Jiang Chen and the vigorous girl Chen Xiaoxi who grew up together for 19 years. From childhood sweethearts to sharing a kiss after a mishap. The show premiered exclusively through Tencent Video on November 9 in 2017.

7. Eighteen-year-old sky

“Eighteen-year-old Sky” is an inspiring drama for young college idols, written by Li Jichang, screenplayed by Wang Bo, starring Bao Jianfeng Ni Jingyang, Li Zhinan, Jin Sha, etc. The play is about a group of seniors high school students with diverse personalities and their own thoughts before they take the college entrance exam which opens up a part of the sky in the guidance of teacher Gu Yuetao as well as other teachers. The play is titled “GTO of China”.

8. Then, suddenly this summer

“Suddenly This Summer” is an emotional urban drama created through Penguin Films and Perfect World Films and directed by Lu Ying and starring Bai Yu and Bu Guanjin. The script is inspired by the novel that was published prior to and following that of the Ming Dynasty, telling the tale of Zhang Yuan and He Luo’s heartfelt love story, which spans 10 years. The show was exclusive to broadcast by Tencent Video on April 19 in 2018.

9. The sixteen-year-old flowering season

“Sixteen-year-old Flower Season” is an urban youth drama produced with CCTV Film and Television Department and Shanghai TV Station. It’s directed by Fu Min and Zhang Hong and features Ji Xueping, Warrior Qiang Chi Huaqiong, Ji Xueping and more. The play tells the of sixteen-year-old girls and boys like Bai Xue, Chen Feier, Ouyang Yanyan, and Han Xiaole on the high school campus. It was broadcast by China Central Television on March 6 1989.

10. The year that was rushed

“The Year in a Hurry” is adapting the bestseller novel by Jiuyewei and written by Yao Tingting and starring Yang Jue, He Hongshan, Bai Jingting, Cai Wenjing as well as Du Weihan. The production is based on an intimate love tale of Fang Wei and Chen Xun as the primary line. depicts the emotions and life of the generation that was born in the 1980s and rekindles the most romantic as well as innocent moments of the young of the 1980s. Fang Mei, Chen Xun, Qiao Ran, Zhao Ye along with Lin Jiamo are five high school friends with distinct personalities. At the time, Fang Lie and Chen Xun had an affair however, they split due to the infancy of their first relationship. Fang Miao, who was unhappy due to his loss of affection moved to Australia after suffering the pain of growing and emotions. The past events are the part of being young. As time passes, everything will be repaired. What’s left of the hectic year are just memories regardless of whether those memories are sweet or bitter.

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