How Do I Setup Crypto Price Alerts?

Cryptocurrency is a fast-growing blockchain technology that has become very popular since its development. Though cryptocurrency operates on a secured network investors are faced with certain challenges such as the volatility of the currency, fluctuation of price and unpredictability of crypto. 

Due to these challenges, many hesitate to make a long-term investment into cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies. To avoid losing your cryptocurrency investment there is a need to always monitor any price changes in the market. The easiest way to keep watch on price change and be informed of any market change is to set  price alerts.

What Does The Term Crypto Alerts Mean? 

Crypto alerts can be defined as a type of alerts that inform or notify you if there are any changes in trends, price and crypto market. The alert helps you to keep close monitoring of the price of crypto and send you a notification in case of any sudden change in the price of crypto. So you don’t have to keep staring at your phone or computer screen to monitor any price change. All you have to do is to make sure your alert is on and you will be notified if there is any rise or fall in the price of crypto.   

Benefits Of Crypto Alert

Help In Trading 

The alert will let you know the direction in which the price of cryptocurrency is going. And with that, you will be able to make the proper decision based on the notification you get on price change. You will be able to forecast accurately and trade effectively.

Tract Investment

The alert will help you to track your investment profit and notify you if there are any losses and profit made. You become more competitive in the market with the notification given about price changes.

Manage Your Time

Trying to monitor your investment manually is overwhelming and time-consuming especially if you have different types of investment. With the crypto alert, you can manage the time you need to invest in monitoring your assets and any losses.

Become Successful Trader

As we all know that in trading you need to react fast to changes in the market. As a trader, you buy at a lower price and then sell when the price is high. So, with the help of the alert you get notification of price changes and with that you can know when to buy and when to sell. With that, you become a successful and profitable trader.

Your Investment is Protected

If there is any sudden change in price which can result in a big loss for you, the alert will help you to make a wise decision or move that will protect your investment. Once you have good knowledge about the effect and risks involved when the price of cryptocurrency drops, you can quickly make a decision and react fast to the market. 

Things Crypto Alert Track

The kind of apps or exchanges used will determine what will be tracked. Some notify you if there is a change in market capitalization, market volume or changes in support and resistance level. For effective market analysis and trading, all these indicators are very important. 

When you choose a particular cryptocurrency and then set a target value level, you get notified any time your crypto reaches that level.  

Alerts on Cryptocurrency

Depending on your preference you can apply for the alert through various forms such as email, push notification or any chat messenger.

How To Set Crypto Alerts

Price alerts are of different groups and every big exchange does provide a notification system that is user-friendly for both apps and browsers. The following are some of the exchanges that support crypto alerts on their platform.


For setting an alert on this platform you go to settings then click on the notification and you will see price alerts. You get a push notification on your phone or a notification on a mobile app.


You can set an alert using the desktop or website apps by opening the trading pair page and then click on the expansion icon. Then you have to choose the percentage buttons of change to receive notification if there is any detection or email notification with the app version.


Three categories of notifying systems are provided on this exchange which are technical analysis, price and volume of the market. It offers push notifications through email and SMS. You can install the alert directly in your browser.

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