Checkout The Creative Stamping Ideas for Kids That Are Amazing

Our (not so tiny) NappiesDirect Bugs never cease to amaze us with their stamping ideas. We know our sons won’t be the only ones who enjoy stamping, thanks to the creativity spurred by both pre-made stamp kits and DIY hand stamps.

We’ve pooled our resources and are sharing some of our favourite stamping ideas, as well as a couple of new ones we found online.

7 Kid-Friendly Stamping Projects

We’ve compiled a list of seven things for kids to do with stamps, both pre-made and homemade:

Nature art stamping – Collect a variety of leaves, flowers, seedpods, sticks, feathers, and rocks for nature art stamping. After dipping them in ink or paint, place them on paper.

Water stamping – go outside on a hot, dry day and look for large objects like gumboots, boulders, branches, and pinecones. After dipping them in a bucket of water, place them on a smooth concrete surface. How many stamps can you get before the first one dries up?

Cardboard roll stamping – Grab the empty paper towel cardboard rolls and cut them into quarters for stamping. The roll’s one end can be crushed or carved into a shape, or it can be left as is. To make some excellent DIY stamp patterns, dip the end in paint.

Colouring book – use our Tane and Ruby’s NZ Tiki Tour Stamp Kit to make your own colouring book. Every stamp created can be used to colour in the picture or applied to an existing picture to add extra details.

Hands and feet — nothing beats painting your own handprints and footprints! Create these stamp prints in play dough instead for a less messy activity. Fingerprints can also be stamped and then changed into charming small animals and insects by drawing different portions on them with a pencil once they have dried on paper.

Recycled stamping – Clean bottle lids, straws, bubble wrap, and cardboard can all be found in the recycle bin. Make your own DIY stamping kit with these items.

Glue and glitter stamping — instead of using paint or a stamping pad, dip the stamp end in glue and then glitter to create a glistening stamping image. These also make fantastic Christmas tree decorations when pressed onto cut out cardboard forms.

Do your kids have any favourite stamp-related activities? What ink substitutes have they used? Or any similar baby toy, please let us know in the comments section below!

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