The most famous bird paintings

The most famous bird paintings. Artists throughout history have had a particular affinity for various types of birds and other creatures. Some of the more famous art movements that have taken place, such as Impressionism, Naturalism, and Romanticism, have seen outstanding works of art centered primarily on birds. Understandably, many artists want to focus on animals such as birds. They are one of the most colorful animals and have many different species that have their own unique and vibrant colors. Many artists have traveled great distances trying to witness various natural elements and wildlife on their own to paint beautiful artwork centered on the subject.

Famous bird paintings

This article will review some of the most popular bird paintings and drawing ideas ever produced and take a thicker look at why each artist was inspired to create works that focus on a specific type of bird species.

The goldfinch

Carel Fabritius was a prominent Dutch Golden Age artist who had a painting style centered on very realistic colors and elements in his works. He is known for having painted some of the most famous works of any Dutch artist. One of his best works is titled, El Salguero. Made in 1654, this painting is a simple but elegant depiction of a goldfinch, a common species in the Dutch homeland. In the picture, the bird is seen perched on a lamppost. The work itself is held very simple, with a style different from the experts in that region.

The goldfinch kind was one that many designers had painted through the Italian Renaissance as a figure of Christian salvation. It is probably the theme that Fabritius was trying to show in this particular work. The painter has been killed by a massive gunpowder explosion in Delft that destroyed much of the city. This painting is believed to have hung in his workshop when the blast occurred.

Harem women feeding pigeons

famous bird paintings

Jean-Léon Gérôme was a famous artist who lived in France in the 19th century. He traveled to the Middle East later in his life and was in awe of much of the beauty of the various cultures and architecture of the region. Gérôme painted one of his greatest masterpieces at one point in his travels.

An exact date in the work entitled Women of the Harem Feeding Pigeons in a Yard is still an incredible work in both composition and contrast. In the painting, a handful of women are seen feeding a massive flock of pigeons swooping onto a stone patio. The image is perhaps best known for the artist’s use of sunlight that enters the outdoor patio during the central hours of the day.

Kingfisher by the water

Vincent Van Gogh was known as one of the greatest artists in history and is still highly regarded for his creativity and ability to use various colors to capture the essence of plant and animal life. The 1886 work was considered one of the most famous bird paintings that Van Gogh has ever completed in his career. As is customary in Van Gogh’s work, the painting features a series of distinct brushstrokes that include a beautiful kingfisher perched beside a swamp. The result is part of a more extensive series of paintings that Van Gogh made during this period focusing primarily on various types of wildlife and flora in the areas near his home.

Peacock, hen, and pheasant rooster in a landscape

One of the most iconic paintings on birds is Tobias Stranover’s famous work Peacock, Hen, and Rooster Pheasant in a Landscape. This painting is a classic version of the Baroque artwork from the mid-18th century. The painting was done in 1756 and featured a giant peacock, hen, and pheasant gathered together in a somewhat unnatural way, but its coloring and behavior very precisely render each bird. Some of the tiny chicks of each type of bird can also be seen roaming the ground under the paws of adult birds. The birds are painted with a very high level of detail, characteristic of the Baroque period. Strain over was said to be one of the most famous Baroque artists for focusing a lot on birds, and this work is one of the most notable.

Bird concert

One of the most striking representations of birds comes from Frans Snyders’s work, aptly titled Concert of Birds. This work was one of the hallmarks of 17th-century Flemish artists, as many painters regularly created works that brought together a litany of different bird species into one piece. These paintings were generally known as “bird concerts.” This painting is believed to have been made in the 1640s and features a wide range of some of the most popular and widespread birds of the Flemish region and other parts of the world. You see birds perched on the branches of a large tree, and each species has its particular pose. Snyders work is one of the best examples of such paintings that were very popular in the mid-17th century in this part of Europe.

The floating feather

Another of the more recognizable paintings that focus solely on birds is a word from Melchior d’Hondecoeter. It is another work considered to be in the same style as Snyders’ Bird Concert, having been completed in the 1680s, only a few decades after this particular style became common. This particular work is known as The Floating Feather. It features a wide variety of waterfowl and other bird species generally associated with living in or near swamps and wetlands. The work was initially displayed under A Pelican and Other Birds near a Pool, as the central figure is seen in this work is a giant white pelican dominating the foreground of the canvas.

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