8 Reasons Why the Shape of the Rug is Important

Home decor requires you to pay attention to the tiniest details. From the type of the rug to its size and shape, everything should be taken into account. The shape is just as important because it affects how your room will look. Most of the time we pay attention to size and material but ignore the vital element; The Shape of the rug. Many people don’t think that the shape of a rug can make or break your room. But it’s true! A round rug in an L-shaped living room will look awkward, and if you have a rectangular dining table, then there is no way for everyone to sit comfortably. Worse yet, what about when you’re trying to place furniture around the rug? It becomes much more difficult because all your furniture has to be within one foot on either side of the edge of the rug. Here are the reasons why the shape of a rug is essential.

Design A Room Layout

The first reason is design. When you have a rug that is either circular, oval, or octagonal, then it’s going to be much more difficult for everyone who enters the room to know where they’re supposed to sit down and dine at your rectangular dining table. If there are only four chairs around the edge of an octagon rug, then it’s going to be difficult for everyone who enters the room to know where they’re supposed to sit. The right shape and best area rugs are rectangular because it gives everyone a place to sit down and relax.

Protect Your Flooring Material 

If you have hardwood floors, then the last thing you want is for someone – perhaps even yourself – to take their shoes off inside your home and step on those beautiful plank boards with your bare feet or socks. The rug that you choose to place on your hardwood flooring should have a cloth surface so that you can take off your shoes and walk around without the risk of scratching or damaging those delicate planks. The rug is most likely one of the more expensive items you will install in your home, so it is essential to care for them.

Spaciousness and Minimalism

Another thing that you want is more space in your home. After all, if you can’t turn around comfortably without bumping into your dining table or some other piece of furniture, you might not be satisfied with the purchase that you made. The rug should also have a simple design because it will help keep your room minimalist and sleek, which most people are going for in their homes these days. That means that there shouldn’t be any patterns or other things on the surface of the carpeting – just the primary colors.

Practicality and Safety

The rug should be something that you can walk on without the risk of slipping or falling. This is also why it’s essential to consider its shape because some shapes will make it easier for spills to seep into cracks in the flooring underneath them – which could potentially damage your flooring. A rug should not be too big or small for the room. If it’s large, you’ll have to walk around huge chunks of space when in that area, and if it’s too small, there may not be enough surface area on which to put your feet while walking through the room. The right rug makes your home feel warm and inviting. A rug should be something that you love to look at every day, not just because it’s there but also because of its aesthetic value – it can bring life into a room if done right! The rug should have the ability to stand up to wear-and-tear from pets or children running around on it all day.

The Proper Size

A rug in the proper size is especially important. The correct shape and size add value to a room. If the rug is too big, it will make your home look cluttered and awkward because of all that space when in that area, and if it’s too small, there may not be enough surface area on which to put your feet while walking through the room. The perfect rug size is generally about one foot longer and wider than the furniture in a room.

Create a Focal Point

A rug can be used to create a focal point in the room. For example, you can place your rug right under an area where more light comes into the home so that it reflects off of the flooring and brightens up any space nearby. If the room style is more modern, a contrasting rug with two colors can also be a focal point. If you want to use your rug as an anchor for other pieces of furniture in your room, it is essential to choose a suitable color scheme. To tie everything together, opt for one or two dominant colors in the room and then add a few accent colors that correspond with your primary color. Also, oval or round rugs are excellent for high ceilings because they make the room feel more open and light. A larger than usual rug, such as nine by twelve feet, can also become an accent piece for your home decor.

Create Texture or Depth​

The carpet is textured, but not all rugs are. If you want to create more depth in your space, try using a flat weave rug instead of one that has a deeper texture because it will give the appearance of having more layers of color. The rug is the first thing you see when entering a room, so it’s essential to make sure that it not only fits your style but also fits with the rest of your home decor. If you are concerned about size, be careful about how big or small you choose because too much can become overwhelming and take away from the rest of your decor. Furthermore, Some rugs are bordered with a different color from the main pattern because it’s meant to be used as an accent piece. You can even do this in multiple ways by using two colors, one for the border and another for the middle, by putting together three colors that look good together.

Mix Up Your Patterns

Sometimes, if all of our rooms are decorated with one pattern or style, they can all start to look very similar. It is why it’s essential to mix up the size of your rugs and the patterns and motifs on them. Don’t be afraid to use contrasting hues between two different carpets or even try using a couple of rugs in one room for an added touch of dynamic design!

Wrapping Up

Your rug should be the focal point of your room. It’s essential to make sure you buy one that will complement your décor and not detract from it. This blog will help you understand what to look for in a rug and how size can affect design. You might even want to consider an area rug or runner if space is limited because they’re less expensive than more oversized rugs and offer many of the same benefits without taking up much floor space! You’ve been thinking about buying a rug but haven’t entirely made up your mind, Visit us at RugKnots. We want everyone who comes to RugKnots to be happy with their purchase and feels confident that they’re getting something of quality for their money. So if there’s anything else you need to help you decide on which type of rug is right for your space or budget, let us know! 

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