How can I increase the number of Instagram followers?

#love #selfie #followme #fashion now one of the most well-known hashtags Instagram people use to label their pictures. Hashtags – represented by the symbols “#” – are created to indicate what’s in the photos so that other Instagram users can quickly find the pictures they’re interested in. Below, you’ll find suggestions on how to gain users through Instagram and other social media platforms, such as the use of hashtags.

3 aspects Instagram loves the most

Every popular social network site has a specific purpose and is targeted to particular groups. Instagram is a site that focuses on visually appealing and casual topics that divulge some of the secrets about the private lives of people.

The question is what is the best place to do branding and promotion on Instagram? The answer is that Instagram is a platform where a company can highlight its distinctiveness and differentiate itself from its competitors. Here are a few of the most important aspects to think about when creating the brand’s image on Instagram:

Uploading images from behind the stage, i.e. showing things that aren’t evident within the material for promoting your brand e.g. photographs from the manufacturing process of the products we sell or business trips to search for materials for a new line and so on. These photos are usually more intriguing and trustworthy than photos that are “muted” photos prepared by the photographer featured on our website.

Keep track of the most well-known “categories” on Instagram, that’s what we call hashtags, such as #beautiful#friends food style. On the website, you will see a list of the most popular hashtags.

This is the complete table of TOP10 tags (2021):










10. #followme

Find and follow the individuals or brands that are the most well-known on Instagram. It’s worthwhile to observe their actions, and then creatively translating their actions into promotions for our own brand.

Here’s the latest list of the top companies on Instagram. Here is the current list of most popular brands on Instagram and below, we provide the December 2019 data in graphic format.

What else do you need to be paying close attention to?

It is important to pay more focus on the method of tagging pictures, since not only is it crucial to choose the most popular hashtags, but to also include as much detail as you can within the hashtags. One method to do this is to tag images with keywords that are related to brands, e.g. #instafashion #menswear #hipsterfashion. Then, let’s talk about the category of products, e.g. menshoes, shoes, and leathershoes. Then tell us where they can be found or where the image took place: #Warsaw#warsawhipster Warsawbloggers. Do not be concerned about having too many hashtags. In this situation, it isn’t recommended to use minimal hashtags.

In addition, you should be an active and active user. The addition of more photos and the counting of followers daily is not an effective method. Instagram is governed by rules of social networks and the main thing to consider is interactivity between its users. Users check Instagram often throughout the day to look for notifications. Your goal is to make Instagram users receive as many possible notifications as possible. Potential interactions include Following the person, liking their picture, and leaving a comment on the image.

A simple test on the profile of the brand X profile demonstrated the kind of reactions our actions can trigger:

Tracking of users 14% of users have responded to this profile by tracking it.

Follow and Like 22% of the people were influenced by this profile.

Follow + Like + Comment under the picture 34% of users were interested in this profile.

As you observe the more you are involved, the higher chances of interaction with the opposite side.


In an attempt to get the most followers possible for Instagram, we are able to experiment with different strategies and evaluate the impact of our efforts. However, keep in mind that we experiment on the level of a “living organism”, so it is impossible to know that our idea will be successful. But it’s worthwhile to try it, according to research from the past 44% of the traffic to websites that sell online originates from social media.

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