What should we not use the credit card for?

By using the credit card in all types of purchases, we could be affecting our liquidity without realizing it and the time will come when the sum of all deferred will be a high amount to pay, which we may not be able to cover, says Granja. Because of this, we do not recommend using this document for the following purchases :

– It should not be used to make purchases in the supermarket, since it is advisable to pay this in cash. In any case, if the credit card is used for this concept, the total value of the amount consumed must be paid at the end of the month.

– Avoid using your credit card for small purchases , such as when you go to the cinema or a restaurant. Those expenses should be paid directly in cash.

Currently, there are those who, for safety reasons, try not to carry cash and mainly use credit or debit cards . “That is why many people thought that with the card they replaced the cash they might have,” he says.

In this situation, the specialist recommends calculating in advance how much could be spent , in order to count the sufficient amount of cash, not take risks and not be forced to use the credit card.

“For example, if I already know that I go to a restaurant where the average price of a plate is $ 15, $ 20 or $ 25, I already know that taking about $ 60 in cash I can cover that need. In the case of the supermarket, which can be $ 100 or $ 200, most of the time coinciding with the fortnight, I can get the money from the ATM at that moment and pay in cash. It is not the same as I was going to buy a good of $ 400, $ 500, $ 600 or more, where carrying a lot of cash is complicated, ”he explains.

If you have several credit cards, it is recommended to determine what expenses will be made with each one , with the aim of having a better organization and being clearer with our accounts. “We can associate a card for the payment of basic services, to the payment of cable television, because in the end they are amounts that when everything is added are not so high and it is always possible to pay the total at the end of the month . I can have a card for travel issues, for business issues, for that kind of orientation ”.

As for the number of cards, he assures that it is advisable to have a minimum of one and a maximum of three , because having more cards it is possible that we also have higher expenses.

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