How to find NPI Organization Members

The National Provider Identifier (NPI) is an administrative identification number created under Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA). Each HIPAA covered health care provider has a unique NPI number. An online NPI Registry provides a means of searching for organizations included in the system.


1. Visit the NPI Registry online. A direct link is included in the references section of this article.

2. Click “Find an Organization Provider” to find NPI organization identifying information. You can also choose the “Search for an individual provider” option if you have a specific doctor’s name to look up.

3. Enter the information in the relevant fields. Search according to organization name and use city, state or zip code information to geographically limit results. Use an asterisk as a wildcard for one or more characters in the organization name.

Tips and Warnings

  • Avoid apostrophes and other special characters when searching. Use the wild card instead. For example, to search for “Children’s Hospital”, try a search for “Children *”.

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