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Eden IAS provides Ethics classes for UPSC CSE Mains in both online and offline modes. We cover the complete ethics for upsc  syllabus with case studies. We provide a practice paper for improving your score in Ethics G.S paper IV.

Topics that are covered by Eden IAS for Ethics GS IV

  1. Basic concepts and definitions of Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude.
  2. Moral thoughts and how to improve thought processes to follow Ethics principles.
  3. Meta-Ethics, Normative Ethics, and Descriptive Ethics
  4. Applied Ethics, Ethics in Civil Services
  5. Ethics in Governance, Corporate Ethics
  6. Personal and Professional Ethics
  7. Case study

These are the core topics that are covered by us in the simplest manner.

Course Structure

1.)    The course has a thorough approach to complete the overall UPSC GS IV Ethics paper by providing theory classes, case studies sessions, daily answer writing, quality study material, mock tests with complete guidance.

2.)    The complete course design for every type of aspirant such as beginner level. The course is started with the basic level that is easy to understand by beginners. After the completion of the theoretical syllabus of Ethics, the candidate will appear for two sectional tests and then slightly move towards case studies that play a major role in Ethical answers.

3.)    We cover at least 100 case studies related to current scenarios and also analyze the various thoughts related to the thinkers, reformers in Ethics. These case studies build up the thought process of the candidate and he/she will be able to conclude problematic dilemmas and take the right action according to the situation.

4.)    We take a special test based on the case studies and practice workbook available with this course.

5.)    Prepare the candidate to write an appropriate ethics answer. With daily practice of answer, the writing candidate will be the master in how to write a case study in ethics.

Points that ensure score high in Ethics G.S IV UPSC Mains.

1.)    Make a habit to read a lot of case studies, while doing this notice each and every situation and react that a way that no one can expect about it or try to make decisions according to the given situation.

2.)    At the time of reading the newspaper try to focus on the actions of various people who are involved. All is depend on three aspects- stakeholders, communication, and decision making.

3.)    The path to success is to read and focus only on needed resources. Do not difficult for your task to study unnecessary resources for ethics integrity and aptitude.

4.)    There is the only way to improve Ethical answer writing to practice more and be in regularity. Previous year’s paper is helping most to improve answer writing.

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