What Are The Top Tips To Plan An Exhibition On A Budget?

No matter if you are a first-time exhibitor or a trade show timer, there is always a main concern among the business owners – the budget of the exhibition. There are a lot of considerations related to exhibitions and if you don’t take care of the expenses, you are going to regret it later. The budget will vanish along with your expectations of getting good returns. Fortunately, you can get help with the budget with some great cost-saving tips explained here which will help you in managing the cost of exhibitions in an efficient way. Have a look at some important tips explained in detail!

1. Early planning 

This is the best way to save excess costs for an exhibition! Doing the planning of the exhibition ahead of the scheduled time. There is nothing like too early when it is related to exhibition planning, but you can do the planning 9-12 months before the actual day. How will it help in the process? This will ensure you that the plan is properly organized for the upcoming event but you will also be able to save money as well. Prior planning always helps with money. The business owners that do all the arrangements in the late duration have to pay late fees or rush costs.

It all includes hotel room, travel costs, exhibition space and services, and how to forget the design cum construction of the stand. Early prior planning allows you the flexibility to explore different options. But there is a point here. The expense that gets detained can end up in increased costs. If you spend the less time exploring, the more you have to pay for the services. Put yourself early in the process and you will get enough time for the negotiation or choosing the services as well as suppliers for the best value.

Custom Exhibition Stands

2. Considering all shows at one time 

There will not be one exhibition in the whole year, but you may have to attend many. So, the organization of the exhibition will save you money and be beneficial when you consider all the shows together. If you have bookings of multiple shows, get in touch with Exhibition structure systems contractors while booking your stand. A company that is good at the design and construction of exhibition stands will help you by offering packages for the shows. 

In this way, you can do proper planning and designing of the graphic flexibility and the stand structure from the beginning. Will it not be great if you could use the stand for all your exhibitions regardless of the space allotted to you for every show? Get in touch with an exhibition company that does the redesigning and reconfiguring of the stand as well as graphics to get fitted for any allotted space where your next show is going to happen. The best long-term investment you will make! 

3. Checking the hidden electricity price 

If you have attended the exhibitions before, you may be aware that there will be any concealed costs that you need to consider like the electric cost of the stand. The exhibitors have to suffer high electrical costs for using the electricity and this can ruin their entire budget for an event. As the services get booked directly with the show contractor, the rate can’t be negotiated either by the stand designer or builder. But a good tip is here that you can discuss the electrical costs with the exhibition company in the quotation stage. As the exhibition is all about technology, less electricity means you have to pay less. The electrical costs can be reduced by using fewer sockets and cutting down all the non-essential gadgets.

4. Using a reusable exhibition stand 

The exhibition stand is a pricey investment! Not everyone has that budget of buying new stands every time. An alternative to this is that you can consider using a reusable stand if you don’t have further trade show bookings in the meanwhile. In this way, you don’t have to buy a new stand for every new exhibition you are planning to attend. That is why the popularity of modular exhibition stands is rising in the market. They are good for the long run and will generate more return on investment than one-time custom exhibition stands

Remember not every modular stand is reusable and you have to choose wisely. Using a modular stand clearly means that it can be redesigned for different spaces in different shows. You will get the freedom of flexibility for using the stand for every exhibition show and save your money. How cool is this money-saving approach? This is a cost-effective approach and reusability is a good concept in itself. Not only is it good for the environment but also avoids the waste of custom-built designs after the end of every show.

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