When should one start to answer the writing practice for the IAS Mains and how many months would be sufficient for it?

It’s more about the length of time it takes you to write your ESSAY WRITING PRACTICE COURSE FOR UPSC MAINS

It’s about what you write and the way you write .This is something that can be learned in just a couple of hours but could take weeks for a few, and a month’s time for a few .

Here are some suggestions for writing answers –

Tips 1. Answer the question in full. 

Go through the question two times to fully understand what is being asked. Investment from outside the defense sector is expected to be being liberalized. What effect is this likely to impact Indian defense and economics in the near and long term?
(GS Paper 3,2021)
In this particular question, you need to respond to two parts:
a) Impact of FDI on defense. .
b)Impact on the economy .
In both of the sections you must write about “short run” and “long run” from a different perspective.

Tip 2. Learn what exactly is asked.

Do not submit anything you are familiar with in the subject without knowing the specifics of the topic.
As we celebrate India’s huge population growth, we overlook the declining rate of employability. What do we miss while doing this? Where will the jobs India urgently needs be found? Explain.
(GS Paper 3,2021)
If you are presented with “demographic dividend”, do not begin writing about it . Go back and read the question. The question refers to the unemployed Less of the dividend. This is a reference to the development of skills of the dividend. Connect the two, then write down your answer.
Don’t overlook the second portion of the question about “where will the jobs come from”.

Tip3.Use the most important words and phrases
While the federal principle is the dominant principle within our Constitution and this principle is one of its fundamental aspects, it’s equally true that federalism in the Indian Constitution leans in favor of the strong Centre and this feature is in opposition to the idea of strong federalism. Discuss.
(GS Paper 2,2021)
Use key words related to the question like cooperative federalism, bargaining federalism, etc. This will add weight to your answer.

Tip 4. Set your time and timers for each answer in a way that is efficient.
Each essay in GS will require you to answer 20 or 25 questions. Therefore, don’t spend too much time on a specific answer simply because you are familiar with it or you are unable to earn points. And don’t spend too long writing and the introduction or UPSC MAINS REVISION COURSE 2021

Tip 5. Present the solution clearly.
Be aware of this. An examiner must evaluate many sheets with yours in the same day . What can you do to convince the examiner that your answer is more convincing ? What can you do to make it easier for the examiner to mark you?

Its possible when you write legibly, make use of charts/diagrams/subheadings/maps.

Don’t write at a stretch. Break into subheadings/ paragraphs or bullet points. Follow in accordance with the requirements of the situation.

Tip 6. Utilize relevant data or facts to support your conclusion.

The President’s delay in the commutation of death sentences has been the subject of public debate as a denial of justice. Should there be a specific time frame set for the President to decide whether or not to accept the petition? Analyze.
(GS Paper 2,2021)
To support your argument in the previous answer You should cite instances from Supreme Court ruling, Bhullar case and the Constitutional provisions regarding death penalty. This gives more credence to your answer.

Tip7. Practice Answer writing.
Practice. . That’s practice is the only way!
Practice mock tests and track your performance.

Best of luck!

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