Electric Rat Trap: Safe and Effective

Rats, mice, and other rodents are animals that can be cute, friendly, and sympathetic to us. It is true, they are animals that can melt our hearts with tenderness in the case that these are our pets. Now, when it comes to a plague and our home, the feelings that they generate are opposite, such as fear, fear and even disgust. In fact, we can see it in the Pixar movie Ratatouille, when Remy and all the rats help Alfredo in the kitchen of the restaurant and suddenly Colette enters.

It is not only fear and disgust, but also a health issue as rats can spread different diseases that can cause death, such as Typhus, Tularemia and Bubonic Plague. That is why if you have rats in your home, the best thing you can do is focus on eliminating the pest from your home.

To achieve this, there are different solutions for the control of rats in the home. Among the different types of rat traps are electric traps or electronic traps.

What is an electric rat trap?

Electric rat traps (also called electronic traps) are devices that kill rats, mice, and other rodents through the use of electricity. It consists of a small rectangular box (or tunnel) made of plastic with a hole in one of its ends where the rat enters. The floor of the trap is built with two metal plates to effect the electric discharge on the animal. In addition, since the trap requires electricity to function, it needs cells or batteries to be able to electrocute the rodent.

How does an electric rat trap work?

The working principle of the electric rat trap is simple: the rodent, upon entering the trap, comes into contact with both metal plates that are electrified. As soon as contact with the two plates occurs, the electrical circuit closes and an electrical discharge is effected on the animal, killing it instantly and without suffering.

For the trap to work, it requires the rat to get inside the box. For this, a bait is placed at the closed end of the trap, making any mouse that approaches the device feel attracted to the food. Once inside, there are two types of activations: normal or traditional activation and smart activation. On the one hand, there are the traps with normal activation (that is, it is activated when the rodent closes the circuit by touching both plates). On the other hand, there are the traps with intelligent activation. These traps are activated when they cut two beams of light inside the device.

Once the rat is inside and activates the trap, the electric shock will occur continuously for 2 minutes to ensure death. Why? Because the heart of these rodents has the ability to recover from a low intensity electrical shock, so the discharge must last at least two minutes, to effectively eliminate it.

Why are electric traps the best rat traps?

Electronic traps are the best traps to exterminate rodents since they kill these animals in a human way . When we speak of killing in a human way, we mean that animals do not suffer since death is instantaneous. Unlike sticky, glued or traditional traps, death occurs in a matter of seconds, preventing the rodent from suffering a slow and painful death.

In addition, compared to the other traps, they do not leave blood or fluids, so the risk of becoming infected by contact with any fluid decreases considerably .

Finally, with traditional or sticky traps, the rats can be left alive. This means that when the rat is released from the trap it can bite us and transmit some disease. In the case of electric traps, this does not happen as it kills them instantly.

How do you use an electric rat trap?

To use an electric trap, the following steps must be followed:

  1. Bait inside the trap. In order to attract rodents, it is necessary to have a bait that can make them enter the device. Remember to wear gloves when placing the bait.
  2. Light the trap. They usually have a button or power switch along with a light that indicates the state of the trap.
  3. Make sure the trap has a battery. The easiest way is to verify that when you turn on the trap, the light on the device is on.
  4. Place the trap on baseboards. Rats always walk along the walls, so by placing them in the baseboards we will have a better chance of capturing one.
  5. Wait until the trap kills a rat. It is a matter of time until a rat approaches and falls into the trap.
  6. Properly dispose of the rat body. Once the rat is dead, it is important to properly handle and dispose of the body, as there is still a possibility of disease transmission.
  7. Renew the bait frequently . Sometimes the mice quickly consume the bait. The problem it brings is that, by not having the bait, the trap no longer has something that attracts rodents.
  8. Check the battery frequently. It is also important to check that the device has enough battery for operation, otherwise the rodent will enter the trap but cannot be electrocuted.

What animals does an electric trap kill?

Electric traps are used to kill all types of rodents, such as rats, mice and sheep. Note that due to the design of each trap, they may not be effective at killing very small rodents.

What are the advantages of electric rat traps?

The main advantage of electronic traps is that they are easy to clean, they are reusable, ecological and they are safer than rodenticides. Because they do not use poison to function, there is no chance of poisoning in children and pets. In addition, by making use of electricity, it instantly kills the rodent, thus avoiding a slow and painful death.

On the other hand, the elimination is hygienic and without touching since the rat is not crushed as it happens with traditional traps. Also, since the corpse of the rat is inside the trap, it is not visible to people , thus avoiding an unpleasant sight when looking at the trap.

What are the disadvantages of electric rat traps?

The disadvantage of these traps is that they depend on batteries for their operation and the price is higher than other mousetraps. In general, the price of mousetraps is between 30 and 100 euros (depending on the model and brand). In addition, keep away from any flammable product since, when unloading, it can produce sparks and cause a fire.

What brands of cheats are there?

There are many brands of rat traps on the market. Among the best known are:

  • Victor
  • Aspectek
  • Hoont
  • Abco
  • Latch
  • Raticator

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