What Casinos Don’t Want You to Know ?

Casinos are a hotbed of entertainment – we all know that – but they are also a business. So, while having pleasure is vital, getting money is even more crucial. However, there are techniques to reduce your losses versus the house, so keep reading to find out how. Here are some of the top six things they’d rather you didn’t know!

1. Not All Games Are Made Equal

You’ve probably heard of the term “house edge.” The house edge is quite essential in determining your chances of winning. And, while we all know that the house usually wins, it’s nice to know that there are some games when you have a greater chance. Slot game  machines may appear to be a fun and inexpensive method to get your gambling fix, but the house edge on these machines can be as high as 10%. With a house edge of roughly 3%, games like blackjack, poker, and bingo are a far better option. To take it a step further, consider video poker, where it can be as low as 0.46 percent.

2. Dealers Make Mistakes

And, just as no two games are same, no two dealers are either. There is a lot to be argued for human error, and after all, the dealers are simply people. They, like you and me, make mistakes.

Bill Zender used to work as a casino floor manager, where he picked up a lot of winning tips. He kept track of his findings across 16 casinos and discovered 35 careless dealers. Simply observe how the dealers deal the cards. Because there are only approximately 100 professionals, the remainder can be somewhat complacent, accidentally flashing the face-down card.

If you employ this approach, known as ‘card-holing,’ you will have a 6-9 percent advantage over the house! For a while, Zender made a living doing this. Casinos don’t even want you to realise that dealers make mistakes that might cost you a lot of money!

3. Card Counting Isn’t Illegal

You’ve surely heard of the MIT blackjack card counting crew, which made millions of dollars counting cards in the 1980s and 1990s. They were eventually caught because the online casino caught on and put a stop to it. While card counting will not win you any friends in the casino, it is not unlawful (as long as you do it in your head). It’s a different scenario when you start involving external gadgets and machines.

The casinos will crack down hard on anyone they suspect of card counting, which they will keep hidden because they don’t want to be seen as party poopers. We don’t recommend trying it, but if you do, you’ll need to know how to count cards, as well as have a lot of concentration and brainpower — not to mention steel nerves. Oh, and if you have a team, you’ll have a better chance.

4. The Eye In The Sky Is ALWAYS Watching You

Casinos take security very seriously, so you should expect to be observed. There are cameras all throughout. The security crew is always watching live footage, so every inch of the building is under constant scrutiny. That equals to 20,000 cameras in the larger casinos! On the good side, you’ll be safe from robbery and threats; on the minus side, there won’t be a safe area to scratch your buttocks. Casinos are watching your every move, and they don’t take cheaters lightly.

5. Private Poker Rooms

Cameras are not usually present. So, while I just advised you not to smile for the cameras, there is one location where you can unwind a little. The poker halls. If you’re a high roller looking for a good night of poker, you can relax knowing that your private room, complete with champagne, will be free of security surveillance.

6. You Can Take Advantage Of The Newbies

Make an effort to sit as an equal to help level the playing field. If you seat at a table with locals and regulars, you will be at a significant disadvantage. Why? Because they’re at ease, they know the ins and outs of the game, and they presumably know the dealer. All of this information offers them an advantage.

So you want to pick a table where the other players don’t appear to be so confident of themselves; give yourself a chance and play against others in your position.

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