RTVE extends until November 10 the deadline for submission of songs for Eurovision 2022

From  September 29 to November 10, 2021  both inclusive- artists, authors and composers can send their proposal through the participation form, which you can find on the  official website of RTVE or at  rtve.es/benidormfest .

“We are receiving many proposals from relevant artists, and we feel the need to extend that deadline so that they have more scope to send proposals with the highest possible quality. In parallel, so that there is a level playing field, we also extend the date for sending applications to through the web ”, said Eva Mora, head of the Spanish delegation at Eurovision, who assures that everyone’s goal is for Benidorm Fest to“ have the greatest number of competitive proposals and with the possibility of playing a great role in Turin 2022 “.

Parallel to this call, RTVE will carry out a  direct invitation to singers and authors of recognized prestige on  the current music scene. The objective of this process is to  guarantee the greatest possible attendance  in the preselection and to choose a quality song for the  66th edition of the European competition , which will take place next  May in Italy.

In total,  12 applications will be selected  to participate in the Benidorm Fest ,  which will be held at the end of  January 2022 . Through  two semifinals and one final,  the public and a jury of experts (national and international)  will choose the winner at 50%.  As a novelty, half of the public vote will be decided by a  jury made up  of a sample of the Spanish population selected by statistical and demographic rules. Thus, it is ensured that the final result reflects the musical tastes of all Spaniards. This criterion in voting is done at the Italian festival of  Sanremo , the  Melodifestivalen  Swedish and other major European competitions. 

First phase: web registration and direct invitation

The preselection of Spain consists of  four phases. In the  first , those interested can  fill out a form  on the web or be invited directly by RTVE. In both cases, they must  comply with the terms and conditions  of participation in the  Benidorm Fest  and the  Eurovision Song Contest  (See rules here).

 Performers, groups and authors  over the age of  16  can apply to the contest on May 1, 2022 -that is, born before May 1, 2006-. In addition, participants must be of  Spanish nationality  or prove  permanent residence  in Spain (in the case of groups, at least  50% of the members  must meet this condition).

Singers can only  send a single request  through RTVE.es. In the case of composers, they may submit one theme as main authors, and  two additional ones as co-authors .“We want Spanish talent to be heard well in Europe”

The songs must be  original and have not been published , performed or distributed, in whole or in part, before  September 1, 2021.  The duration of the song must be a minimum of  2 minutes 30 seconds  and a maximum of  3 minutes;  and include  lyrics in Spanish  and / or  co  – official languages of Spain. Also, songs with fragments in  foreign languages are accepted , as  long as they do not exceed  35% of the text  in that language.

The authors who are part of the process may  suggest the artist or group  they consider ideal to perform their song, without the need for this proposal to be binding and the final decision of the interpreter will fall to RTVE  .

Second phase: selection of 12 candidates

In the second part of the process,  an RTVE jury  (made up of professionals from the entity and professionals from the music industry) will assess the proposals received and will select the  12 candidates  that will be part of the  Benidorm Fest  (and another six as alternates). A minimum of two proposals registered through the web will participate in the Spanish pre-selection.

The  main criteria  that will be taken into account to select the 12 candidates will be gender  parity , the combination of musical  references   with  new talents  and  the variety of styles; as well as producing  a great television and musical show.

RTVE will only announce  the name of the chosen artists and songs  , which will be made public between the months  of November and December.

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