Check Vehicle Registration and Verification in Islamabad!

Islamabad Online Vehicle Verification made Easy!

Good News for the residents of Islamabad. The government of Pakistan and its citizens have pledged to move forward. The people are inclined towards a much more systematic execution of legal affairs. In this view, a lot of things are being revolutionized. Pakistan has evolved from the backlashes it has suffered. And all these learning from their mistakes, are being added into its better future.

In the recent wake, Pakistan has introduced online vehicle verification in Islamabad. Due to less population in the capital, the mechanism is being experimented there. Just in its introductory phase, online Islamabad vehicle verification has received much appreciation from people. Masses are applauding the steps taken by the government feeling relieved by the long queues. 

With online Islamabad vehicle verification, people are boundless to visit any of the offices. Individuals can verify or register their vehicles from the comfort of their homes. It is one of the very first online systems being introduced in the governmental sector. Here is a complete guide on how to Verify or Register your vehicle online in Islamabad.

Register your Vehicle in Islamabad

First, we’ll guide you through the process of registering your vehicle in Islamabad and that too online. The general public can access token taxation easier and faster at any 8 of the designated Excise and Taxation Department Islamabad. Follow the process to Islamabad Vehicle Verification;

  • Visit Excise and Taxation Department Islamabad’s Site
  • On the top bar Find ‘Vehicle Registration
  • Enter ‘Online Vehicle Registration’
  • On the newly opened interface, enter the details including;
  1. Ownership Type
  2. NTN
  3. CNIC
  4. Passport
  5. Name
  6. F/ H/ W/ O Name
  7. Mobile No.
  8. Other Phone
  9. Temporary Address
  10. Permanent Address

If the car is Transfer Applicable, click the tick and provide;

  1. Ownership Type
  2. NTN
  3. CNIC
  4. Passport
  5. Name
  6. F/ H/ W/ O Name

If the car is subject to Hire Purchase, provide;

  1. Bank or Company Name
  • Select Tax Payer Category

Enter Vehicle Information and the details including;

  1. Select Category
  2. Select Purchase Type
  3. Select Body Type
  4. Select Number of Seats
  5. Enter Chassis No.
  6. Enter Engine No.
  7. Enter Engine Size according to (cc)
  8. Enter Vehicle Colour
  9. Enter Vehicle Value in PKR
  10. Select Purchase Date from the calendar

If you possess Commercial Vehicle, then provide;

  1. Select Vehicle Type
  2. Enter Leiden Weight in Kilograms
  3. Unleiden Weight in Kilograms

If the applicant is not going to appear at the Excise and Taxation Department then provide the Owner’s Representative’s details including;

  1. CNIC
  2. Mobile Number
  3. Name
  4. F/ H/ W/ O Name

Following all these instructions you will successfully save your vehicle registration. As now you have successfully registered your vehicle you will have to visit ETD Islamabad’s office to pay the token tax.

More details can be found on the Excise and Taxation Department’s Vehicle Registration Process page.

Verify Your Vehicle in Islamabad

Verifying your Vehicle is becoming easier thanks to the Excise and Taxation Department of Islamabad. Following are the steps to verify the details of your vehicle online. To verify;

  • Visit the Excise and Taxation Department Islamabad’s site, click here,
  • Enter vehicles Registration Number,
  • Select registration date from the calendar,

The screen will show all the relevant details of your vehicle. Following this development, the process of buying and selling vehicles in Islamabad has become easy and transparent.

Effects of Online Vehicle Verification

Several benefits have been noted with the advent of online Islamabad vehicle verification. The topmost being the residents of the capital territory are content by the development. They are now trusting the government better than ever before. To some extent, it has created a sense of reliability in people towards its governing bodies. Now people do not have to wait in long queues and get their documents one side before registration of a new vehicle. On the other hand, it is much more reliable to buy second-hand vehicles. Whether you want to start earning through local ride apps like UBER and Careem or you want to own one. One should not worry about being scammed in the process. It is a crystal clear process of verifying whether to buy or not. 

Islamabad vehicle verification is much more convenient and time-efficient. People do not have to schedule a visit to the Excise and Taxation Department of Islamabad. Now they just have to visit the nearest postal destination to submit the token tax amount. Besides this, people can now have a better bargain as the availability of verification is always there. The best choices should be considered as they will be cost-efficient and time-efficient as well. 

According to some people, despite the fact Islamabad is the safest city, they always had a security burden while carrying original documents. Islamabad vehicle verification has resolved the issue making it an online process. The real-time process has caused a massive boost in governmental affairs. Boosting the confidence of relevant authorities, new projects are expected to take place on the same mechanism. Governmental issues have always been complicated in Pakistan. In some cases, people have to hire consultants for processes as small as the transfer of vehicle ownership. This is a fruitful step towards the progress of a much more brilliant Pakistan. With the introduction of new technologies, the manual ways of governmental affairs have become obsolete. Many governments have fully shifted to modern digital means whereas Pakistan still has to do more. Youth of Pakistan has been on forefront, being the flambeau of Digital Revolution in Pakistan. As a matter of fact, Pakistan has produced the highest number of digital freelancers in the era after the pandemic. Pakistan is expecting these youngsters to join the governmental system. These people are expected to become the saviours of Pakistan. In the modern age where a thing as small as a syringe is delivered to your doorstep, Pakistanis are still queuing for the mere purpose of vehicle registration. The clear intent of the Pakistani government is definite in bringing the digital revolution for better purposes. Pakistan is expecting to get the services of these young generations in the upcoming future.

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