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Are you looking for a reliable, trusted, and professional air conditioning service that can cater to your multiple needs under one roof? End your search right here, as Surrey Air houses a team of well-equipped and well-trained technicians who execute all tasks in a timely fashion, without compromising on quality, to ensure you receive the reassurance and comfort you deserve.

Surrey Air specializes in providing top-level air conditioning services in Melbourne and has become an emerging industry leader by providing timely delivery, elevated customer experience, and some of the best customer service.


Melbourne Summers can get hot, and so we all acknowledge the importance of not only having air conditioners, but ensuring they are working at a pristine level to chill your indoor environment. Therefore, it is always best to get your unit installed, serviced, maintained, and if needed repaired by professional technicians who will ensure your summer days are comfortable and worry free. If you are in need of these services, Surrey Air provides some of the best air conditioning services that are available 6 days a week to  answer your questions and book a readily available slot for your air conditioning needs. Working in the industry since 1981, Surrey Air has a vast pool of knowledge in leading air conditioning unit brands, models, and types; hence, we can answer any questions or worries our customers may have.


Surrey Air gives you the confidence to choose the right cooling system for your home. On hot summer days, older or un-serviced air conditioning units can often struggle to regulate your home or business’ room temperature. This is why employing Surrey Air conditioning services in Melbourne, one of the top and most trusted companies, is your solution to avoiding stuffy and unregulated rooms, while providing you with cost-effective air conditioning.

For our domestic clients, our air conditioning service ranges from installation, service, maintenance, and repair solutions for several systems, including Single Split, Multiple Split, Ducted Reverse Cycle, Evaporative, VRV, and Add-on air conditioning. The range of air conditioning services we provide does not end there, we also provide air conditioning services for a range of makes and models, including Hydronic, Gas Ducted, and Reverse Cycle.

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A professional split system service requires hands-on experience and a thorough process to make the system as good as new; hence, our technicians perform the job in multiple steps, including assessing gas levels, cleaning of filters, running a thorough check of thermostat performance, finding any gas leaks, faults, and room for repairment, cleaning outdoor units, and replacing if required.

Should you need any of the above-mentioned services, we are just a call away.  Submit your inquiry on our web form and we will book a slot right away.


Dreading incoming hot summer days and high energy bills? Do you need the most cost and energy-efficient solution for your commercial property? Need not worry – We have been operating in the industry as a commercially driven service provider for your air conditioning needs; Our team of capable and honed technicians has made us one the of best air conditioning services in Melbourne.

Whether you are located in a built-up city area or in an industrial warehouse, we are just a  call away. Our trained team of HVAC professionals providing their skills and services at every stage of the process – from the installation to curating your maintenance plan. 

Overall, we ensure you are aware of your many options to provide you with a cost-effective yet efficient solution for your air conditioning. The experienced pros at Surrey Air also organise a maintenance plan for the future, and with our quarterly, bi-monthly, or annual visits, we assure to make the experience par excellence.

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Are you wondering if you really need to spend big bucks on an air conditioning service? The best air conditioning advice that has ever existed is that you should always opt for annual service and maintenance because we often tend to neglect without realizing the fact that every machine needs a service. 

Not only annual or bi-annual checks are preventive measures to identify any faults that might become a bit costly if identified later, even requiring repairs. Booking in an annual service in the off-seasons of Spring and Autumn can save you money and ensure you can book in a time that suits you.

Save bucks and hire Surrey Air – the best-in-class air conditioning service in Melbourne.


Not one but a notion of many different values we hold make us a winner and emerging leader in the industry of air conditioning services in Melbourne. The first value we strictly adhere to is quality, which we never compromise on whether it be your residence or commercial property. Another reason we provide the most sought-after air-conditioning services in Melbourne is our ensured reliability. Moving forward, a combination of excellent customer service and honesty in providing professional air conditioning solutions is what makes us on the very top.

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