Provide User-Friendly Unboxing Experiences with Action Figure Boxes

An action figure is a play object that plays an essential role in the life of kids. All kids play with their toys and favorite action figure to learn multiple hidden lessons for development. Mostly, girls like female anime action figures and boys attract to star wars or superheroes. Action figure manufacturers introduce new toys with more graphic illustrative patterns. But they need to pack in an appropriate packaging solution that helps them stand out in the competition. For this purpose, custom action figure boxes are perfect for allowing the sublime and titillating look to engage your customers that boost your sales. Besides the beauty of action figures, it is also best to unbox your end-users without any hurdle. Now it’s time to provide the best user-friendly experiences to your customers.  

Impress Your Target Audiences with Eco-friendly Cardstock 

The first thing that you encounter with your customers is the packaging of the action figure packaging box. So, the cardstock of your action figure boxes must be durable and worthy of putting your first impression on the customer’s mind. Due to this, you need to thick ranges of cardstock for your action figure cases. For this purpose, the use of cardboard, Kraft, corrugated and rigid cardstock is best. The use of cardboard gives a smooth and shiny feel while people touch them. Kraft is perfect for eco-friendly cardstock to pack your fragile action figures. And, the rigid is the perfect choice to pack action figures birthday gifts for your loving kids. 

Use Simple Box Style That Easy to Unbox 

We all know the completion among toy manufacturers going youth day by day. And, everyone needs to pick a unique style to make your action figure presentation perfect. Due to this, the style of action figure box that you select must be easy to open for your audiences. No one knows to open the tricks to open extraordinary stylish and complex action figure shipping boxes. The simplicity provides ease to your customers and protects them from messiness. And, this element helps you to build your place in the hearts of your loving customers who trust you for quality things. So here are some styles that are perfect for easy unboxing of any product that is the ship in these boxes. 

  • Mailer boxes 
  • 1-2-3 auto bottom boxes 
  • Tuck end boxes 
  • Handle Boxes 
  • Butterfly lock 

Plus, you can wrap the action figure in a bubble cushion wrap for extra security purposes. Moreover, you can use bubble wrapping for secondary action figure boxes and place it in the tertiary packaging boxes. 

Ensure the Durability of Your Figure with Heavy Thickness

As you know, multiple sizes of cardstock are available in the industry that you can pick as per your budget. For this purpose, you can choose the thickness of any cardstock from 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt, 22pt, and 24pt of your packaging boxes.  If you can choose corrugated cardstock, you need to choose the flutes of cardstock as per your budget and the weight of the products. Plus, you can print any dimension to your action figure boxes design as per your choice. 

Choose Proper Tray and Foam To Place Action Figures 

Now it’s time to place your action figure in your box using trays and dividers that hold your products. For instance, if you pack a 6-inch action figure in your box, then you also need a tray that perfectly fits in your 6-inch action figure display case. So, you must consider the size of your action figure to select their tray that strongly holds your toys for better experiences. 

Print Personalized Notes and Activities inside the Box 

Add a personalized note in your internal side of action figure boxes. Also, you can add the value of inserting some attractive activities for kids inside the box that they love to compete in and participate in them for appreciation. Well, you can offer some small gifts in your action figure boxes to enhance your customer’s attention which eventually boosts your sales. 

Use Wires to Tie Your Toy in Packaging 

Most brands use small wires to tie their action figure characters strongly with dividers in the packaging. So, you can also pick such type of extra material to strongly carry your products in the box. Mostly Star Wars action figures are tied with wires too firmly fix the play object on the place. 

Wrapping up Things 

The gist of the discussion mentioned above revolves around providing the best user-friendly experiences to your end-users. Also, this article explains what is the role of user experiences to increase your brand value in the industry? So, you need to pay attention to smooth unboxing experiences to facilitate your users. For this purpose, you can use quality cardstock, easy-to-open styles, add-ons, printing option, personalized notes, and many more options to make your action figure boxes sublime and impeccable. Now it is all up to you to use power to build your brand recognition in the industry. 

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