Cordless Drill VS Electric Screwdriver: What is the Difference?

Buying power tools nowadays is not easy because of the many similar tools in the market with similar names and jobs. But do not get confused, there is always a clear distinction between them. Such tools might be similar in many ways but also different in others. This is the case of cordless drills like bosch IXO IV cordless screwdriver or an electric screwdriver. Knowing which of these tools to buy to best fulfill your requirements can be tough. You should always take your time to select the right power tool to save your time, energy, money, and also to get the job done right. In order to make this decision, it is important for you to know their differences so that you can clearly distinguish them from one another. One major difference between them is that cordless drills have a larger motor and larger battery, hence they can be used for heavier tasks. On the other hand, electric screwdrivers have smaller motors with smaller batteries and perform lighter tasks. 

Size and Portability

The portability of the tool is dependent upon its size and weight. Cordless drills tend to be efficient in a way that you have to plug them in and can be easily carried with hands anywhere. But these drills tend to be bulky due to which it is hard to get them in tight spaces. While electric screwdrivers are lightweight and are smaller in size. So they can be easily carried with one hand and due to their different head positions, you can use such screwdrivers in tight spaces. Nowadays there are many small size cordless screwdrivers like Bosch IXO IV cordless screwdrivers which are lightweight and extremely easy to work with. 


The uses or the jobs that each of these power tools perform is the main factor that will affect your choice of purchase. This depends on the job that you need it for and the decision can be made by matching the tool with such requirements. Both of these power tools perform some functions in similarity while others differently. For example, while building furniture you would mainly need a power tool for driving in screws so in such a case an electric screwdriver is the best choice. 


Versatility is an important factor if you are buying the tool for many different jobs. In such a case, the cordless drill is more versatile as it can be a screwdriver like Bosch IXO IV cordless screwdriver and can be used for many other purposes. An electric screwdriver is a one-faceted tool and is not very versatile like a cordless drill.


Torque determines how powerful a tool is and what kind of jobs it can perform. The greater the toque the greater will be its power. In terms of a drill press, it has a greater motor therefore it is more powerful in comparison to a cordless or electric drill. Both of them cannot produce enough torque to get through the material effectively. Now in comparison to a cordless drill, the electric screwdrivers are even weaker. 


In conclusion, we can say that if you need a cheap tool that is perfectly adequate and reliable and can get your low level-jobs done then an electric screwdriver is a good choice. But if you need a more powerful tool that can produce more torque, can be used for professional purposes such as drilling holes, working with multiple screws, and cutting holes then a cordless screwdriver is preferable. 

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